The title of this piece is "Tidepool", and it's approximately 12"x15". I layered the quilt sandwich and free-motion quilted the background before attaching the center. I used the patterning of the Batik as a guide for my quilting. 

I layered two dyed, used dryer sheets and some eyelash yarn between water soluble stabilizer sheets and stitched with invisible thread. Soaking briefly in water removes the stabilizer and once it had dried, I added handmade and seed beads.  The center was also attached with invisible thread.

I'll be adding a how-to section to my blog in the near future and will include information about lots of ways to recycle used dryer sheets to use in your fiber art projects, so stay tuned.
It's a gloomy, end of winter day and I'm getting organized to teach this week at the Fox Valley Technical College Sewing and Quilting Expo.  

Whenever I teach, people ask me if I have a book or a web site or a blog.  So, in lieu of a book or web site, I'm resurrecting my old blog, long dormant since Facebook seemed so much easier at the time.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post ideas, photos and videos.....once I get past the learning curve....of projects that might help get your creative mojo going like they do mine.  

I love working with unusual and recycled materials and bits and pieces of things that usually get thrown away.  So stay tuned and as soon as I dust off those mental cobwebs we'll be off and running.