Stars and Shadows Class

Wow! What a nice group of women attended my class last week at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo. Everyone was friendly and enthusiastic, which always makes it so much more fun to teach.

At the beginning of class we sorted through all the beautiful hand-dyed fabric that I had brought. ..140 yards of it!! A big thanks to my friend Barb Raisbeck ( for helping me with that!

Everyone chose their own fabric for the projec,t which helped to make each piece totally unique. I'm always so amazed by the choices that people make. Fabrics that I never would have thought of putting together turn out beautifully. It really is a learning experience for me too.

For those of you who took the class, I'll be posting some other ideas for using my pattern that we didn't have time to cover in class, like table runners and toppers. Hopefully, I can get to that later this week!

Broken Paths

I so hate to waste fabric...almost to a ridiculous degree.

A friend was here for the weekend and showed me a technique for sewing curves. I ended up with two rectangular pieces, and it just seemed a shame not to do something with them. So...I cut them up, joined them back together with colorful scraps, and bound them with something funky. They've got some decorative stitching too, and look great hanging in my kitchen.

Each one is approximately 6"x18".