Train Bridge

4" x 6"

I took a photograph of an old train bridge near Stillman Valley, Illinois, and thought the image would be perfect for a monoprint.


4 1/2"x 4 1/2"

My husband has played in a jazz group for many years (, and I made this print for them to use for a demo CD.

My Winter Window


This is the view from my first workplace/studio in a beautiful old bungalow we used to live in. It was a small upstairs room...very warm and cozy...and it really was the beginning of something wonderful for me. Everyone needs a place of their own to do the things they love to do...even if it's just a tiny little space.

My Winter Window

My Winter Window
2008 Wisconsin Quilt Expo entry

I used one of my small block prints as the focal point of this piece. It was machine quilted and embellished with paint, decorative stitching and used dryer sheet fiber.


16 1/2"x17 3/4"
Honorable Mention
2008 Northeast Iowa Quilt Guild Show
Decorah, Iowa

This small quilt is made of cotton, wool and burlap. It has decorative machine stitching, applique, beadwork, a small amount of embroidery and some fancy fibers (usually used for crochet and knitting). I used two old washers from our toolbox to attach the fibers to. It's also machine quilted.

Untitled Abstract

Untitled Abstract
First Place
Wall Hanging and Table Quilts Division
2008 Fox Valley Technical College Quilt Expo
OshKosh, Wisconsin

Second Place
Art Quilt Category
2008 Northeast Iowa Quilt Guild Show
Decorah, Iowa

This quilt has a little bit of everything...fabric, fiber, paint, ink, embossing powders, embroidery, hand and machine quilting and handmade fabric beads. The center "fiber" is a dryer sheet (after it's been in the dryer, of course!) and both cotton and wool fabrics were also used.

Flames and Fireworks

27 1/2"x33 1/2"
Flames and Fireworks
2007 Wisconsin Quilt Expo entry

I made this larger version of the first "Fireworks" quilt because the original was too small to enter in the Wisconsin Quilt Expo. Personally, I like the first one better!



Anyone who knows me knows I love anything to do with fire! I was trying to think of ways to use fabric and yarn scraps, and ended up making some little bead-like objects that reminded me of firecrackers. Figured I had to think of a way to use them, so I created this piece.

It's got a little bit of everything, including applique, embroidery, handmade fabric beads, and hand and machine quilting.

So what is an art quilt?

I guess to me an art quilt is an original, non-traditional quilt, that features unique materials, design elements and/or techniques, and may be any size or shape. A bit hard to describe in words, and a bit hard to categorize in terms of the more traditional quilt world. But really, I think there's an art to all types of quilting.

My own art quilts are small in size, ranging anywhere from 15"x19" to 26"x30. The designs are my own creation and they contain many elements that are very non-traditional.

I've posted photographs and some brief information about each. I hope you enjoy them.

New blog

Creative ideas, that's what my blog is all about. It might be new ways to use traditional materials and techniques, how-to instructions for a specific project, or just some methods for getting past that "blank page" feeling when what you really want to do is get started.  

I hope to be posting a wide variety of projects: quilt and fiber art, prints, photographs, handmade books, jewelry, as well as instructions, ideas and inspiration. So roll your sleeves up and we'll get started together.