Crow and Trumpet

This monoprint was used for promotional
materials for a musical event in Rockford, Illinois.
I cropped the little crow out for my profile photo, as you can see.

I use a material called Mastercarve for most of my prints. Various size blocks are available and it's very dense and rubbery. It carves easily with little Speeball lineoleum tools like they had in high school art class. Watch those fingers though, or you'll get a nasty cut! Then I either roll on printing ink with a brayer, or if my print is small, use a dye ink pad like they use for rubber stamping.

Making rubber stamps is fun and easy too. Lineoleum cutters are available at places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby at very low cost. Flat, white erasers are small, easy to carve, and also low in price. My personal favorite is Magic Rub, which comes in a three-pack for under $2. It's a great way to add personalization for folks who make cards and do scrapbooking too.

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