Churn Dash

For me, this quilt was an experiment with color and pattern. I took about 18 different fabrics and alternately mixed ones that really looked nice together with ones that didn't match well. Some of the blocks I just didn't like, but when the whole thing got put together, it ended up looking very lively. It's also a king-size quilt.

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  1. I just wanted to say I really like your blog. I think this quilt in particular is beautiful. I love how all the colors look together. Keep up the great work!
    What is interesting to me is how even just basic colors and shapes can make beautiful blankets when placed together. Moreover, I'm interested to know what types of personal memories get woven into the fabric and design.
    We use special moving blankets here (to keep items safe), of different shapes and colors, and I have to wonder what those would look like in quilt and what memories those would carry with them.

    Thanks for sharing!
    E.E. Ward Moving & Storage